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De Hoven is a team property developers who specialise in sustainable housing solutions. We team up with other pioneering developers, investors, and municipalities who share our vision in changing the nature of the construction industry towards greener and sustainable cities. We are a South African based company with our head office in Johannesburg, and a secondary local office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Meet the RUIMHUIS!

RuimHuis Model

Amid this progressive construction era displaying a shift towards sustainable and carbon conscious building, the heavy demands for intelligent and immediate housing solutions remain insistent. As a amalgamated product of both parts, the RUIMHUIS is born.

This adaptable housing scheme created by DeHoven is comprised of a series five [unique] living units, formulated to be interchangeably configurable as desired within the humble frame of a back-to-back modular construct.

The length and shape of the building is easily extended, shortened or kinked to suit any site and found to be most economical between three and five storeys in height.

From its concealed timber bones to the subtle wave of its organic façade (and everything in between) it is characterised in all aspects by its green roots whilst still being at the forefront of new building technology and contemporary ways of living available to any site in as little as 6 months.

This novel solution is now ready to be brought to life, realized through the meticulous refinement of DeHoven’s three fields of focus and research, all considerately curated by the collaborative effort of a complex and experienced team of 20 professionals, committed to improving the built environment. Meet our team here.

Design & Detail

As the globe calls for residential densification and efficient use of resources and materials, we have challenged and interrogated the traditional compartmentalized spatial typologies of the home in which people live today.

Our resultant innovative one-bedroom-studio living concept born through the harmonious flow of human routine has explored this notion, revealing a new and exciting living dynamic. 

Technology & Manufacture

As many blossoming developments of Europe are stunted by astringent measures of compliance surrounding carbon offset, environmental impact and building performance, the RUIMHUIS has been technically designed from the outset to meet and exceed prescribed criteria, and thus avoiding these hurdles later down the critical line.


Implimentation & Feasability

Contextual and financial viability which often leaves bold ideas unrealised has compelled us to make feasibility and customer curation a constant factor in the ever moving parts of the malleable RUIMHUIS model, allowing us to always ensure delivery of a refined product within the budget of the investor.  

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