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Justus van der Hoven Snr

Meet Justus

Justus was born in 1956 in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 1989 he completed his masters in Architecture at the University of Pretoria following which he started his career at a prominent South African architecture firm at the time, Teller Karter. In 1994 Justus started his own architecture firm and later expanded into property development.

Justus is passionate about his family and has four sons, three of whom also followed in his footsteps qualifying as architects. They are a family of creatives, with a love for good design and the arts in general. This is a family with no shortage of inspiration nor talent.

Justus is also a pilot, a skipper, and avid birder with a flair for photography and videography.


This is what we’re all about

De Hoven is a property holding and development company with a strong background in architecture and design. Our focus is on developing environmentally friendly and sustainable living units that aim to be net zero (carbon) both operationally and with regards to embedded energy. We make use of mass timber and other recycled and/or bio-based materials where appropriate.

Furthermore we consider the principles of circularity in our design as well as passive and active house principles.

With the use of smart technology and home automation our units can easily integrate into a larger smart district framework. This smart technology allows us to monitor and collect data on occupants’ behavior and to use this data to enable the building to perform optimally.

Through modular design we are able to manufacture most of the components off-site in factory conditions which inevitably translates to a higher level of accuracy, improved quality, a reduction in waste, cost savings, and most importantly speed of delivery.

The modular nature of our design means we have the agility to be highly adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of the client. Our units are suitable for both permanent and temporary structures. Our goal is to deliver units which are not only green and smart, but also beautiful and relatively affordable.

Our core business principles

We team up with other pioneering developers, investors and municipalities who share our vision in changing the nature of the construction industry towards greener and sustainable cities with a strong focus on technology-forward and earth-conscious housing solutions.

We use our 25 years’ experience in architecture to ensure the design is user-centric, climate orientated, attractive and will last for decades. Our goal is to deliver buildings which are not only green, but also beautiful and economical. Furthermore, they are of superior quality which will retain its value over time, especially in comparison to conventional construction.

Our buildings do not only embody sustainability and oneness with nature through its biomass DNA, but we also recognize the importance of all residents’ connection to the outdoors, as something critical to the health and harmony of the human being.
As a result, each unit is complemented with a larger than standard balcony, as a seamless extension of the home to bring the exterior to the interior of each unit.

Let’s make something awesome together

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The Workshop, 70 7th Avenue, Parktown North, 2193 South Africa | info@dehoven.co.za | +2711 447 5101